it's in the oven

coming jan 2020

as of today

  • 2 interviews are recorded
  • 1 is edited
  • 3 are scheduled
  • 1 is waiting for an appointment

over 25 hours have been spent

and I have enjoyed every minute of it. these first two interviews with Slovenia and Norway have been exactly what I hoped to experience. Luka and Vergad were extremely generous and each spent an hour telling me about their lives, cultures and countries.

we are still missing 5 interviews

the first spots filled quickly with men from all over the world. to keep some balance I am holding the remaining chats for women.

if you would like to…

  • participate
  • translate for a non-English/French speaker
  • introduce a guest

please reach out on any social media or email at:

lifeslicepodcast [at] gmail [dot] com