S1E00 – what and why is lifeslice?



As post-production is wrapping up, please accept my introduction to Lifeslice. No two episodes will be the same as I keep changing my questions and my guest’s answers change the conversation. There will be weird background noises as life continues around the interviewees and is smuggled through the microphones and past production. There will be awkwardly phrased questions as I try to find where my research on a country has given me wrong expectations. There will be surprising answers that make each interview its own comforting slice of life.


Mystery Guest 1
In 2019, I don’t think that countries are relevant. We are all connected.
Mystery Guest 2
Please go ahead. We’ve interrupted these two times. It is awkward!
I have spent weeks listening to fact-filled self improvement shows; funny, entertaining casts; edgy soul-searching, human interest series and intense breakneck-speed news reporting.   
And, to be honest, it’s getting exhausting.
The opinions from every corner, dramatic journalistic cliffhangers at the end of every episode and the increasingly frequent as for Squarespace – just got to be too much.  

So Lifeslice is my response. So get comfortable and have your fill of life as lived around the world will find answers to questions like: How to different cultures tackle problems? Do daily habits change as we move from hemisphere to hemisphere? What foods get people excited for a meal? and What idioms sound like when taken out of context…
Mystery Guest 3
So, when you run away you unconsciously tighten your butt.
No arguments, no debates, no politics, no drama. Ordinary people talking about ordinary things. But in the meantime, I have learned all sorts of crazy, interesting things. And so that is why I offer to you a slice of their life.

Mystery Guest 1
And we have baby dragons!