progress (?) update dec 11

as January 2 zooms towards me, it’s time to get cookin’

  • 8 interviews are now done
  • 3 are scheduled
  • 4 are edited
  • 5 are waiting for an appointment

each slice has been amazing

Shon shared a very empathetic life view on how to deal compassionately with others. Zoheir’s optimism infected me and his eagerness to contribute humbled me. New mom Constanza offered her experiences with the social unrest in her country beyond the mass media information.

many thanks for the contributions

thank you for following on social media and sharing my project. thank you to machinespirit for graciously lending his amazing sketches for the podcast artwork. thank you to those who have seen my request for guests and have introduced friends and family.

there will always be a need for guests, if you would like to share your culture or help translate for a non-English speaker please reach out on any platform.