E10 – Shon and the Stylin’ Matatus

A slice from Kenya

In our final episode, I return to Africa to speak with Shon about her career as a sports broadcaster and how she gets through tough situations. It was interesting to see her take on traditional marriage customs and dowry and her happiness made this conversation a delight.


timestamped notes

5:52 ~ Eliud Kipchoge ran 42km (26 miles) in Vienna in late 2019. While it wasn’t a true event and he didn’t enter any record books, the feat in itself is impressive. From this article, there is an even more impressive array of planning, strategy and literally a village of people that collaborated to make this possible.

8:07 ~ Born a Crime by Trevor Noah on Amazon and Left to Tell by Immaculee Ilibagiza also on Amazon. (Both affiliate links)

11:33 ~ ugali

Shon’s ugali

13:45 ~ dowry seems alien to westerners but is very common and even celebrated world over with a very long, benevolent origin.

16:55 ~ Harambee is so integral to Kenyan culture, it is a the country’s motto and is on the coat of arms. M-Pesa is the more pervasive and efficient PayPal of Kenya.

24:22 ~ Nyama-choma with its sides has been called Kenya’s National Dish by its fans.

25:05 ~ Mutura seems to be similar(weak stomach warning) to blood sausage and is considered a delicacy.

30:05 ~ Sheng is an urban slang that has grown in speakers and popularity over the years.

31:43 ~ Stylin’ Matatus – Would you take a ride in one?


thoughts on Kenya

I can’t say enough good things about the guest I’ve had the privilege of speaking to on this podcast. Shon is no different. As a public figure, she has learned to navigate the world, in what I feel, is a more patient and thoughtful way. Since speaking to Shon, I have reminded myself numerous times under difficult situations, “some people are walking garbage trucks.” Reminds me again of Luka from Episode 1 when he stressed the importance of empathy and understanding.