E3 – Lili and the Soggy Sandwichs

A slice from Mexico


timestamped notes

4:11 ~ Chilequiles. I found this easy recipe and don’t see how I would do it as a regular breakfast but then again I like pancakes with my maple syrup for breakfast.

14:14 ~ GQ randomly has a pretty good long form on Google’s content flagging and reporting efforts from a frontline perspective.

23:15 ~ ancient civilizations of the Aztecs and Mayans. The “metal” Aztecs are well-known for the human sacrifice aspect of they’re religion.

The pedulum

and Templo Mayor

29:24 ~ pozole and mole. Here is a history and discussion of pozole and its types. There are 52 million Google results for mole recipes so eat your heart out. (maybe an Aztec pun)

31:22 ~ Cochinita Pibil (also seems to be ancient Mayan recipe!) Recipe approximation here.

33:04 torta ahogadas

(pic is from LA sorry!)

34:00 ~ jericalla is a cross between creme brule and flan. Make it yourself. And to drink…

34:27 ~ cafe de olla. Of course Starbucks would weigh in on this, but it looks like it could satisfy my caffeine needs.

36:33 ~ Nahuatl . SIL Mexico has excellent information on this language and its influence on Mexican Spanish and placenames.

Just a bunch a words that they only use in Mexico City that use this ‘ch’ sound

38:00 ~ words and slang:

  • ahorita
  • chupar faros
  • still waiting for the real spelling of this last one

thoughts on Mexico

Writing this now in the end of July, April seems like worlds away. I knew Mexico had really tough labor conditions but it was interesting to hear how sophisicated the ideas of reducing labor costs were. And I certainly know the “overtime as loyalty to the company” line from my time in Asia.

Lili was a delight to talk with and I appreciated so much the effort she brought to the chat.